Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Part 1.

We get very into decorations here, and with a halloween party planned, we had extra incentive. Plus with Lauren staying with us, we had extra talent!
We hung a sheet in our kitchen over some of the more happy domestic stuff, and put a strobe light behind it. This was the message that was revealed in subliminal message-type flashes. By Lauren.

The halloween cut out from a few years ago adapted to our new apartment's window.

Our witchy drink display: dry ice in the cauldron punch and bottles of wine with spooky labels.

Nathan and Lauren's baby: a dead body filled with delectable dips! PLUS, RED WINE CAME OUT OF THE NECK! Yes. They put a bag (from boxed wine) in the chest with the spout sticking out from our headless victim. Like blood. Muahaha.

During our halloween party, someone was like, where do you get all these creepy decorations? And I was like, well...most of this stuff was just already in my house. Like these silhouettes I cut of me and Nathan and this deer skull. Those are year-round baby. Just add spider webs.

collection of natural curiosities. also mostly just things I had lying around.

One of the built-ins I re-arranged for halloween, including rats, books, bugs, an antique lightbulb, flame-less candles, pumpkins, crows, and my great grandma's sewing machine.

Brain cupcakes. Got this idea from Martha.

I made Andy's bread and Nathan made his goat cheese-garlic spread. Also we sliced honey-crisp apples and served them with caramel dip.

I printed off lots of creepy Victorian photographs and had them displayed all around the house in place of our usual photos. Postmortem photography was very popular during this time, which produced many, many creepy images of dead people dressed up as if they were alive with their family. At the time it was simply because getting a portrait commissioned was expensive compared to sitting for a photograph, and so it was supposed to be a keepsake to remember the loved one by. But now it is just hella creepy.

The bookshelf is also re-arranged with flameless candles, specimens in jars, bones, teeth, and custom book covers lauren made for the occasion. 

Our gin and tonic laboratory!

And under black light. I filled those test-tubes with highlighters that I broke open and mixed with water.  It looked great, but was super messy. The green, yellow, and pink glowed best. Also that glowing bottle on the left is tonic--the quinine has natural black light glowing tendencies! 

The fridge

Another shot of the table--I shaved a beet and put it in a apothecary jar, and also put a cabbage in green-dyed water in another (although you can see that better in the picture of the food above)

Lauren also added ghosts she cut out of vellum to some of our architectural photos

Masks and blood on the family portraits

One of the many books lauren re-covered for the occasion.

some day-time close ups.

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