Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Recent Happenings!

Our friends Stephanie and James got married! Congratulations guys! We couldn't be there for the wedding in MI, but there was a small park reception for Washingtonians, and came bearing gifts wrapped in money. Real dollar bills, yo.
The happy couple

Meanwhile, I have been crazy busy doing lots of dance stuff, hanging out with Lauren, who has just moved in with us until her lease starts in November, and working at the Plum Bistro of course.
Here's what else I've been doing: planning my epic HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA which is only now a few days away! And I have LOTS to do. But last week I made these "cabinet of curiosities" jars:
some plant themed ones

Some bird themed ones

Some bug themed ones.

I will, of course, take pictures of the final decorations. This is just a SNEAK PEAK into how excellent this all will be.

On a less excellent note: Nathan got in a bike accident last week. Someone cut in front of him and he skidded out to avoid the collision. He quite sore, but otherwise he and his bike seem to be OK. Nathan's iphone, however, fared less well:
And the iphone-shaped bruise where the iphone was in his pocket:
and after a few days:
The colors only continue to get prettier. 

Anyways, when you are driving be sure to look out for bicyclists like my nathan please!

OK, I'm off to trader joes to get party supplies, and then back to my crazy week. I perform Sunday and Monday and still have some preparations for that, and to top it off I'm fighting a cold. I'm kind of looking forward to November...

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