Monday, March 18, 2013

More Colorado Pictures

Mom leads the way!
Powder Trees
Graham plays with trains
View from off of Cirque pomma lift to the right
View off of Cirque pomma lift to the left
Katherine with Cirque headwall behind her
Aspen Highlands but felt like Aspen Lowlands with the intensely warm snow.
Slogging it down some Temerity offshoot. 
View through the trees somewhere in hanging valley I think
Graham is tired and grumpy after a long day of ski school

"Party on dude" in the Gondola!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Small Returns Update

After returning from trips I am always amazed by the serenity I feel in my own home and the gratification of owning a space (well, renting, technically--but emotionally owning) and within that space I get to make my own rules. A small miracle of being an adult I suppose. Also a nice discovery is that it feels like March--a wet March to be sure--but trees are starting to bloom and Seattle seems to be making it's subtle seasonal transition to spring, by which I mean 50 degrees and raining as opposed to 40 degrees and raining...last year I recall some beautiful April days, however, so hopefully we can look forward to that again. The weather currently, however, is lending itself nicely to quiet days indoors and after the busyness of previous months I look forward to some focused alone-time. Well, not totally alone of course, since we have kitty keeping guard over the house at all times. Grandma Nono kindly sent me her original ipad (since my computer is broken) and Nathan found a new fun game for Lyra on it:

Lyra meet iPad from Kaitlin McCarthy on Vimeo.

As you can see she loves it. As soon as I played this video just now, lyra jumped up on the desk from her nap and is all "meow meow meow" and scratching at it.  Another technology addicted soul...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ski trips are valid procrastination

I always do this thing where when my life gets hectic I put everything non-urgent off until said hectic ness has ended. Having recently completed HOT MESS and then shortly after leaving to go skiing with mom and Graham, it's been all, "I'll do it when I get home in March," which apparently is this magical time when I will have no commitments and will be really motivated to blog, clean and organize my whole house, complete a dozen sewing projects, and resume going to dance classes on a more frequent basis. Oh yeah, and start looking to buy a house. Right...I think that one is getting put off for sure.
Anyways, I still have two days before my life resumes in Seattle, and since I can't really be productive from here on much of my other goals, I might as well get a blog posting up. HOT MESS went better than I thought possible (there were a lot of dire potential outcomes in my brain). If you haven't read the review yet here it is:
It's not particularly insightful (especially about Jenny's piece, which I was in love with) but it is overall very positive, and since I write for this site I understand the difficulties of writing about multiple pieces, trying to convey the feeling and complexities of hours of dancing, and other important information all under a word limit. There have also been times where I was really busy and didn't have the time I would like to reflect and work on a review, so I understand it not being that in depth. In fact I feel like most professional reviews I read just skim the surface. But, excitingly, the three of us (choreographers) are being interviewed for Stance (Velocity's journal of choreographic culture) so hopefully that will turn into something and then I will post it here for sure.

On th non-dance front, I've been on a ski trip with my mom and three year old nephew, graham. So fun bonding experience since he lives far away from me.

This is mom, graham, and I skiing the other day. Graham does not like to stop, only go go go. I taught him to say "party on dude."

Today he went to ski school, then we played at the indoor climbing gym play place, then went swimming, then went sledding, then watched a movie. Busy day! Our friends Katherine and Teri left this morning, but have been skiing with us all week and we had lovely weather for it. It was even nice enough one day to lay out and get some much needed vitamin d!

Here is a video of me on the circ headwall, which I think is my favorite run on the mountain because the powder is good and the views are stellar.

Kaitlin skis from Kaitlin McCarthy on Vimeo.

Double black baby!
Anyways it "spring ahead" tonight and I want to hit the slopes by 8am (on my board this time) so I should be off to bed. Hopefully I can get some more pictures from th ski trip up, but I didn't have a chance to upload them from my phone yet. Party on dudes!