Sunday, October 7, 2012


Left early on monday morning to meet mom in Colorado for a 5-day get away. I got to see the sunrise behind Rainier on the light rail ride to the airport:

 We met in Denver, and drove the beautiful four miles up to Snowmass.

 We stopped for lunch in the darling little town of Idaho Springs. We got great italian food and they even had a gluten free menu for mom.

We shopped in a few of the little stores--one, called the Wild Grape had these glasses we loved, but we don't know what this kind of glass is called.

We hiked a bit to view the Maroon Bells--the most photographed mountains in the world. We contributed. The aspens have peaked, but we still saw some great color.

The view from the trail.

I'm all thumbs.

 Then we went for lunch at this bookstore/cafe we love in Aspen. It's in an old house an they have a lovely deck for dining.

Went on another hike down valley the next day. Followed a river along and was quite nice. I can't remember the name of it.
At one point the wind gusted very strong and sent a barrage of aspen leaves zooming through this clearing. It was like watching a yellow snow storm.

 We stopped in the adorable and tiny historic town of Redstone for an ice cream by the river.

 So many cute houses--and many of them were for sale. It made me sad to see people moving away from this lovely place.

Now I'm back in Seattle, and busy busy. Went to the Symphony with Stephanie last night and had a lovely time. The weather is great. Lauren arrives in a few days, and I had my audition this morning. We'll see how it goes.
Top on our minds right now is that our precious little kitty is sick and cannot even keep down water. We will probably have to take her to the vet tomorrow, but they are not open on the weekend. We are very worried about her getting dehydrated. 

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  1. It's Avalanche Creek Trail. Do you have any pictures of Weler Lake Trail?