Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Part 2

Some pictures from the party...
Ben went as Romney's binder full of women. As you can see, Tashina is helping him out with his costume.

Steph as Poison Ivy and Hannah as Sally Ride. Also: candelabra 

zoro, a blind ref, and a mummy princess

Punch from the cauldron!

Jaime is a cartoon face. I forgot what that kind of illustration is called. 
Matt is slapped by Nadia (true story).

Brian and Kate as Where's Waldo characters

Nadia made this costume from scratch. She's the highlife girl!

Cody makes for a very mysterious batman.

Michael repurposed his costume from the titanic party...cheater.

Lauren, Nathan and I as Watson, Sherlock Holmes, and Irene Adler. 
A sort of loose interpretation.

Indiana Jones!

Nathan being silly.

Jaime makes a sad face.

I don't even know. I think Nathan was dancing?

You can see my halloween lanterns in this one!

Nadia being cute.

Nathan being cute.

I realize I didn't get any pictures of the pumpkins we carved! And we put tombstones in the yard! Nathan and I will be putting lots of decorations away this weekend now that it's Nov. We've got to get a move on so that we're not the people with rotting pumpkins and halloween lights up still at Thanksgiving. 

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