Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Spring Spring!

Well, spring has definitely's almost may after all, and we've been busybusy and also I've been sick...again. Here is a little centerpiece I put together for our table, but unfortunately the cat for some reason is OBSESSED with taking all the little things out of the teacups. She's not even allowed on the table, but I cannot leave the centerpiece unmonitored for a second, so sadly most of the time I keep our fly screen dome covering it.

 Last weekend Brian and Kate took us to the tulip fields in Mt Vernon...
 It is really quite breathtaking

The tulips are over for this year, but if you plan on going to this yearly event, I would not recommend the first beautiful saturday of the might also want to wear rain boots since it was quite muddy, and whatever you do, drive back to I-5 via Hwy 20 and not through town! You'll simply never get there. Lots of people were biking in and could zoom right past the traffic. Were we ever jealous of them!
 Before the tulips we stopped at a very popular farm stand for the advertised "Immodest Ice Cream."

 And also for some "Wood fired"
Brian and Nathan by the pizza oven and Kate displays her pizza below