Monday, May 27, 2013


Full Tilt was now solidly a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still getting my barrings. There is always a lull between projects where I am not doing as much, but also franticly worrying about what I will do next. But in case you were wondering, Full Tilt was pretty much like this:

With a little of this mixed in:

Oh, yeah, and all these rad photos were taken by the amazing Joseph Lambert of

As you can tell, it was pretty sweet. Immediately after that my mom, who was visiting to see the show, and I went to the Portland area for a few days:

First we had a lovely visit with cousins Carol and Grant. They live on beautiful property outside of Portland. On our walk we encountered this guy:

 And found these owl pellets! After dissection I have four little rodent skulls. These were in an owl's belly!!!!

Then mom and I went to have a little R&R in Portland proper, staying at The Marriot of course. Mom loooves marriot. And I love street food.