Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's a Hot Mess Valentine's Day.

Ok. So it's not secret that I'm pretty terrible at this blogging thing. I was doing pretty good for a while. But the last three months have been abismal. 3 months? How is that possible?!? Yes everyone, believe it or not, it is February. The 14th no less. Nathan and I are not celebrating Valentines day this year, (except for the fact that it's like valentines day here every day with all love and snuggles that go on. It's pretty disgusting). My fam may be accustomed to receiving handmade V-day cards from yours truly, but this year I'm not celebrating even with husband, so just know that I still love ya, even if I didn't send anything in the mail this time around. I'm working tonight at the restaurant. We have a fancy-shmancy preset menu and hopefully I will make some sweet tips. I'm just nervous because with all the reservations we have packed in that someone will decide to sit around for an hour or so after they are done eating and then I will have to kindly ask them to leave because we have tables waiting and then those people will get super mad at me and then write about it on yelp. This is what happened two years ago, and why I did not work V-day last year. I've always loved valentines day in the sort of candy heart, doily, and decorated shoe-box mailbox elementary school kinda way, but the adult version of valentines day kinda turns me off. Maybe it's just being in the restaurant business. To the poor shmuck who calls in on Feb 13th and tries to get a 7pm reservation: You make me laugh sir. Good luck to you.


So what's going on? Currently I have a cold that I have been fighting off for like 2 months and it finally caught up with me. Yes mom, I'm taking zicam. As well as echinacea tea, emergen-C, hippy dippy immuno tonic, and crazy chinese herbs. Last week I pulled my oblique muscle, which I will diagram for you here with this silly image of a baseball player:
Because it's a large part of your abdominal muscles, it's involved in basically everything. So I was not doing so good for a while. BUT it's doing a lot better, however, it stressed my body out which I think is why the cold got an "in." Anyways, it also means I haven't danced really in a long time (aside from sort of half-assing it in rehearsal) so I'm pretty out of shape. So good news for my upcoming dance show:
Which has been a huge project for me for the past six months, and is really the biggest news in my life right now. I'm excited. I'm nervous. In some ways I'm ready for it to be over--which it will be very quickly I suspect, even though time in the last few weeks has seemed to move glacially for some reason. I had my last rehearsal (for my piece) yesterday and now it's just the nitty-gritty kind of administrative/event planning details that stress me out. Also, the vulnerability of art-making is another stressful element, but this is part of what you sign up for I suppose. I hope people come. I hope people find it interesting. I hope it's the best it can possibly be. I hope everyone is healthy and injury-free come next weekend. I hope I hope I hope. But does our promo look amazing or what?! Super thanks to Lauren and Jenny for that. 
Other exciting news! So many of my beautiful and supportive family members are coming out to see the show (and us probably mostly) which is so wonderful. And I know all my family would be out here if they could (and if I could handle it) because they are just all so great. So I have been getting the house ready a bit. I mean look at this sparkling kitchen:
I mean, what am I saying--my kitchen looks like this all the time. I definitely didn't have professional help or anything (I totally did). I've also been procrastinating on working on show stuff by making these beautiful terrariums (totally necessary).

I've been obsessed with moss/terrariums forever, so even though they are so trending right now I just want to say I liked them first. Terrariums for life! Also hopefully I won't kill them super fast. I have a problem with killing plants. Or they just continue to look worse and worse after they enter my care. Maybe when my dad is here he can give me some Pro-Tips as I would really really love to be good at growing things. And in case you are wondering, moss is very abundant here--it (literally) grows on trees--and then falls in big clumps onto the sidewalk. So when I gathered this moss it was not like I was destroying something beautiful in nature. This was actually kind of a "moss rescue" if you will, assuming I don't kill it. 

Dad, Grandma Margaret, and the Bankas arrive Sat evening. So probably I should stop procrastinating and wash something. Or procrastinate by washing something. True confession: my dance piece doesn't have a title yet.