Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cruise!

Eric and Adam gave us a dinner cruise for our wedding and we went on it a few weeks ago (sorry I'm reeeeally behind with the blogging.) Anyways, it was great! Here are the pictures.
 Our boat!
 The dining room viewed from our table--shiny! 
 This is our reflection in the ceiling. We had our very own horseshoe-shaped booth. Perfect for snuggle-eating.
 1st course (of 4! Plus delicious bread) Smoked salmon tartar. I even ate some of it! Nathan helped with the rest.
 So, our boat followed around the "christmas boat" which had carolers on it, so we could go on the deck and hear them sing. Lots of other little private boats followed along too--all lit up for the christmas boat parade.
 Nathan got salmon for course no. 3. I got lamb. I had to help nathan finish his.
THis was a chocolate tower of decadence or something like that. I had raspberry cheesecake, both were amazing, we took half our desserts home and enjoyed them another day, however. 


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