Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unofficial picture picks!

Just wanted to share a few pictures that friends took at the wedding! There were so many good ones, but here are just a few:
Everyone in the elevator at the Bachelorette party
Zoe presents me with the beautiful wedding quilt she made!

Alli and I dancing pre-wedding
These are all of Nathan's school friends who traveled from out of state to be there.
I guess they don't dislike nathan so much after all...

The bridesmaids looked STUNNING (as did nate!) I'm so glad I decided to make the dresses instead of getting the overpriced pieces of junk that I found at David's Bridal. They turned out exactly how I wanted and the flower crowns were the also perfect and so fun to make! I love hot glue!!!
Each centerpiece was different and I only have this one photographed.  But you get the idea. 

Bouquets Aunt Mary so skillfully crafted!
Beautiful (and delicious!) cake made by our dear friend Brianne.  She made all of the roses out of gumpaste even! I made the topper (the ballerina is me and the robot is nathan, just incase you didn't get it)

We also had cupcakes made by our lovely friend meg. They were super moist and she even made gluten free ones for my mom! Fortunately she also made extra so I enjoyed them for days after the wedding!

a lot of dancing!

Zoe and Gdad!
We are sweaty and maybe not looking the greatest by the end, but having a blast!

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