Friday, November 19, 2010

The little things

First off: A few people who made my day yesterday
I was having kind of a crappy day for whatever reason and a few people's kindness really helped turn that around. I went to trader joe's for some groceries (don't get me started--I love joe's) and they always have great customer service. Anyways, my check out girl was so nice and recognized me and asked me if I had cut my hair recently and we talked a bit and I thought that was so nice, because she must see a million people a day. How nice that you can be familiar with your checkout person! Later I realized that I recognized her as well because she frequents plum bistro, but I was already cheered up so I guess that doesn't matter. I don't think she realized where she knew me from either, so hopefully I'll run into her again and make that connection. Anyways, thanks to Brit at trader joe's for being super nice!

This weekend Ralph Lemon is bringing his new work to Seattle and I've really been looking forward to going to this concert, but then earlier this week when I tried to get tickets, I found out that the friday show (the only night I could go since I work thurs, sat, and sun nights!) was sold out! I had been trying desperately to find someone to cover one of my shifts and went to work yesterday mad at the world, since Thursday night wasn't even supposed to be my shift anyways. Anyway, I had posted a wanted add on craigslist for tickets to the sold out show in a last ditch effort to find some, and when I returned home after work, this was waiting for me in my inbox:
Earlier today I found your craigslist posting about Ralph Lemon tickets. I
work with Ralph and he would like to extend three tickets to you for the
show on Friday, free of charge.  The tickets will be at the box office
under Ralph's name.

Can you believe it? I couldn't, but it's legit! So a big thanks to Emily, who miraculously found my desperate craigslist plee among hundreds of Miley Cyrus ticket posts and then went the extra distance to get them to me, a total stranger, and thanks to ralph lemon too! Can't wait to see the show tonight. I'm going to feel pretty crazy at will call: "yes, tickets under ralph lemon(!?) please."

So the little (and not so little!) things count. Here are a few other little things:

 This lovely man sells roses in front of Plum Bistro where I work several times a week. He always smiles and waves at me through the window. Aren't his roses beautiful?
 Here are some little things that sit on the window sill in my kitchen that I thought looked so nice on a rainy day. Sorry the photo is a little backlit!
This little guy's name is Edras. He is three years old and lives in Guatemala and is very poor, so Nathan has signed up to be his sponsor through this international children program. What a cutie! Hopefully we will get a letter from him (or drawing or something) soon!

Alright, with Thanksgiving less than a week away, it is getting to be that time of year to be thankful for all that we have and also to do things for others that are worthy of thanks! Not that those things aren't important/appreciated at any time of year...

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  1. Everything happens for a reason...even when it doesn't seem like it at the time. :o)