Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend with Mom

Mom came for the weekend to visit and see my apartment, since she was traveling to the west coast for business anyways. She arrived late Thursday night and then friday morning we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island to visit her EPA friend, Anita.
Since retiring, Anita has started a community garden to help produce fresh food for the food bank. It's quite large (1/3 acre I think) with a quite large deer fence.

So here are some pictures of the garden and some beautiful rainbow chard. Bainbridge island is totally gorgeous and forested and looks like lovely place to live. Anita's house and gardens were lovely, and we had some great thai food to boot! After traveling back to the U district in the evening, Nathan, mom and I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World at the movie theater. It was a great movie. All three of us throughly enjoyed it. It is based on a comic book, so there is animation on top of the live-action film and it is visually stunning and lots of fresh humor and video game references. But not so much that mom and I got lost. We also made these "shrunken apple heads" friday afternoon. (this is after a couple days of shrinking.) Hopefully in a few weeks they will be frightfully shriveled in time for halloween. It is super easy to do. Just peel and carve deep facial features and then cover in a solution of lemon juice and salt and let dry. I will try to update how they turn out!

Saturday mom and I walked to Wallingford, which is really a cute area. I got a cupcake at Trophy cupcakes. It was tasty! Speaking of tasty, we got a really fabulous package from Brianne containing apple pie cookies and carmel pecan bars. Thanks brianne! For those who don't know, brianne has a baking company where she sells such delicious things and custom cakes, etc. It is www.beezybakes.com. But anyways, there was also a fabulous fabric store, filled with tons of cute cottons, etc. We bought some fabric, but I can't tell you about it because it is a SECRET project. Sorry. 
Ok, then sat night we went to see the "director's choice" concert at the Pacific northwest ballet. Really good. The first two pieces were Jiri Kylian and so of course very enjoyable. Very precise rhythmical movement that highlighted the Mozart score perfectly. Very humorous and brought out the humor of the music too, and the live orchestra was so great. Then a piece by Nacho Duato, slower, but beautiful group work. Lots of cannons. Then Robbins' Glass Pieces, which we all paid more attention to the corps walking in pattern than the soloists doing the virtuosic movement up front. Funny how that is. The PNB is at Seattle City Center, where the space needle is and a big park and museum and carnival stuff. I hadn't realized, so I didn't bring my camera. We will have to go again and take pics next time!

Sunday we went to the freemont market (forgot my camera again!) and it was really neat. Antiques, food, handmade crafts, refurbished furniture, etc. Pretty much anything. Got brunch at the greek place. The weather was beautiful all weekend--not a speck of rain, and it looks another gorgeous day today!
Signing off!

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  1. Sorry-- we went to Wallingfort, not Wallingford

    Also, it's the Wild Rover restaurant, not the Wandering Rover as I said in my first post.