Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sad Face.

My shrunken apple heads turned into moldy apple heads!  : (
I don't know how to avoid this, according to the directions they were just supposed to dry out!
Here is what my paper cutting looks like from outside at night, except less blurry.

Also, here is one of the SECRET projects I was working on. Since now the recipient has received her apron, I can show it to you all. I just sorta winged it and it turned out pretty good, thanks to my AMAZING sewing machine and pretty ok skills. Below is a close-up of the delightful fabric we got at fabric crush in Wallingfort and also my attempt at a ruffle. Bridesmaid's dress thread matched perfectly and was already in my machine. Sweeet!

Exciting non-crafty stuff (whaaaa?): yes it is true. Ok, well today I've been super duper sore from an audition I attended last night for the Cyrus Khambatta Dance Company, which seems to be as awesome as my left quad is sore, and that is quite awesome. Anyways, I made the final cut and should hear back in the next few days, so keep your fingers crossed! Additional awesomeness: I arrived home to a clean house and candle-lit dinner special thanks to Nathan Banka (in a tie no less!) What a cutie.
Ok, I have to be at work in 8 hours...yikes.

Also, did you know that you can comment on these posts??? Not that this post is comment worthy, but if so moved, I believe there is a way to do it at the end of each post.

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  1. To avoid your apple-heads going mouldy, you could dip then in lemon juice before setting them out to dry. Also, make sure they are drying somewhere with lots of air circulation - a cool draft-y place would be better than a warm, still place.

    I came over from craftster and I'm enjoying reading through some of your posts :)