Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Acquisitions

Just wanted to share some of the new (old) things I've acquired here
Some items for upcoming halloween! The glitter skull was a real find at $3 because apparently he was "damaged," but I love him. Also got these various glass vessels at the value village--still deciding what eerie substances I should fill them with! I want to have a halloween party...but I need to make enough friends first!

I was super covetous of the giant lightbulb that Gina brought to dad and carolyn, but fate delivered my own giant lightbulb. We found it at a garage sale that happens right by our house every saturday. It is supposedly still operational, but I don't have any sockets big enough! The man who sold it to us made a lot of jokes about "growing things" with it. Or we could just put it on our bookshelf, where it looks super beautiful and science-y!

Ok, and then yesterday I was walking down the street and I was startled by a siren going off (there's a fire station right by our apt) and I looked down and there was a wallet!
I thought I had better return it to the police station, and lucky that I had found it and not someone less well intentioned. But when I picked it up, it was completely empty, and then I discovered that fate had delivered me the perfect wallet. I had been looking for one I liked for years, and my current one was woefully low on card slots.
The part with the ID flips over to reveal 6 more card slots, totaling 14 in all! Zippered coin pouch, money slot long enough you don't have to fold anything. Little or no wear and tear, great color, real leather, and fun interior print! It is a little greener than it appears in these pictures. Whoever lost this wallet must be really sad and I feel bad for them, but it was in the street! If I hadn't picked it up, someone else would have, right???

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