Sunday, September 26, 2010

A few small projects

I had been meaning forever to make a display of the things I found in Costa Rica and after 3 years, finally got around to it! Here is a picture of the display--you lose a lot of the detail, even with the largest picture setting, but at least you get an idea. Then these puppies went in a black shadowbox frame I had also been intending to use since forever and now it's looking good on my mantel. Just to be completely honest, I actually found the feather in florida, but it's so cool I just stuck it in there anyways.

I also got some black paper and did some silhouettes just for funsies--can you guess who of?
They were the profiles I happen to have access to. I also gave myself hair so I don't look like a man. I feel like my forehead/eyebrow ridge is kinda off, but I think Nathan looks pretty good.
I have some larger projects brewing, but I will post about those another time.

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