Monday, April 29, 2013

Trip to Olympia!

Steph and I finally make the trek down to Olympia to visit our friend Michael. Made possible by Steph's adorable 1983 (?) Tercel. 

Arriving in Olympia, we are greeted by the Capitol building across the water!
Boats on the inlet

Michael and Steph dream of living in a house boat.

Watching the Dragon Boat Races. It was a very fun community event where teams would pile into these long skinny boats (yes, with dragon heads and tails) and paddle in unison for the win!

Then we went to see the Procession of the Species!

Which is a parade anyone can be in, and many people really rose to the challenge.

caterpillar arms.

This whale was truly amazing. The outside is made of plastic bags that have been braided and then woven into spirals and fancy designs around the outside.
Especially delightful is when they spun him around...
and his other side was revealed!

Angler fish represent:

I loved this family of frogs. They had those pink party blower roll out things for tongues. 

Dandelion couple.

These were wolves had some moves.

We met up with Hannah and Elise who are celebrating their 3rd anniversary! They had fun in the fountain. 

Me, Steph, and Michael at the pier in Boston Harbor.

We ate at this adorable bakery for lunch. They had a sunny garden area. 
And it was delicious.

Ok, back to reality. 

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