Monday, January 23, 2012

Ten Dollar Turkey Roasting Pan

So around thanksgiving we were in need of a turkey roasting pan. Nathan wanted to invest in a multi-hundred dollar pan that would last us the rest of our lives and also would be not non-stick so that crispy bits from the turkey form and make a better gravy, while I distinctly felt like something in a lower price range would probably do the trick since we only roast a turkey once a year... and I was ok with non-stick (horror of horrors). Anyways, when we saw a turkey pan for 10 bucks at QFC, we decided that the price and the delay of making a roasting pan decision (especially with thanksgiving so close at hand) made it worth it, although normally I am not in favor of basically disposable items. Well, it turned out for the best that we had a cheap pan that was non-stick all the way around because this last week it snowed, and there's nothing like Teflon to get you going.

Here are some folks sledding down Mercer right by our house. There were people going down in garbage can lids, on shovels, plastic siding, and on those land-use notification signs.

This is a video of us, although we are on the far side of the hill and then end up behind some people for a bit. It's a little hard to see. Nathan is in back with the roasting pan and I am in front of him on 1/3 of a broken saucer sled. It was quite the arrangement. A couple of times we made it past Summit and halfway to Bellevue. 

This is a video I took while we were sledding. Unfortunately our steering is compromised and we run into a street sign.

Me in the roasting pan. Also, nathan and I both have distinct line-shaped bruises across the back of our thighs. We were pretty sore the next day, and our turkey roaster may have hit one too many curbs to be useful next year, but we still got our $10 worth for sure!

our apartment

our snowy street. No one even moved their cars all week.

The snow is totally gone now, but we were glad to have it.

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