Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sneak Peek!

Some apartment photos of completed (or at least first draft) bits:
Some things I put on the built-in... Grandma Margaret's plate is looking stunning up there!

My new nightstand! It prevents the under-bed drawer from being pulled out, but Nathan sacrificed it so that I could have a little night stand area with a little dish for earrings, lamp, my earplugs and eye-masks, alarm frog, etc. For right now I put some boxes on the bottom shelf that are full of mostly hair things that I don't use now my hair is short...I just needed a place to stick them, but eventually I think that will be a great spot for books I am currently reading when I start reading again.

My tea shelf! I found these drawers and painted them red on the outside and pale turquoise on the inside (the same color as the walls) and the turquoise is a little brighter than it appears in the picture. Now I have a place to display my tea cup orphanage, my coddling cups, and the beautiful delft blue teapot louise gave us.

This is an awesome plant mom bought for me. These leaves are huge! They remind me of dumbo's ears. I'm afraid the plant will just start flapping and fly away at any minute!

Ok, all we really need to do to be completely moved in is hang art, and it's on the agenda. We also have a small issue with grounded plugs, so right now there is a lot of very ugly wiring/extension cords, and that will be fixed soon, but right now it is pretty tragic. 
Happy Saturday everyone!

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