Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great Fathers

My mother's cousin who lives in New Zealand developed this wonderful website called "Great Fathers" that delivers information regarding pregnancy, birth, and the first three years of a child's life and how important the role of a father is! The best part is that this information is delivered in a hip, men-accessible way and I think would be a great resource for any couple having a new baby!
Here is the link:

The idea is that many future social problems can be prevented by creating an environment in the early stages of a child's development that is conducive to making children the best adults they can be. The website explains it more clearly, but basically LOTS of wiring is happening in the baby's brain, and in order for it to wire properly, it needs certain condition and stimulus, and one of the best ways to provide that is through having an involved and loving father. Of course not all children are raised in a traditional heterosexual family environment, and certainly having an involved father is not the only way to raise a successful and well rounded human being, but if there is a father figure, it would likely behoove them (and baby) to check out this website.

Ok, that's my promotion. Thanks to Dave for embarking on such an awesome project.

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