Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer, right on schedule

The 21st is the official first day of summer, but I think this is the first time I felt like summer actually arrived on that day and not weeks earlier. Apparently we have chilly Junes here in the Northwest, but it was truly beautiful here Tuesday and I knew it was summer because I got all sticky and uncomfortable. Of course it has been cloudy and in the 60s the two days since...

This is my fun and folksy birthday gift from Toni! I think it's going to be my reason for everything from now on. It's painted on a drawer front. Apparently a homeless man painted it and was selling it at the bus stop, but she didn't have money, so she had to run home and get some and then run back to catch the man as he was boarding the bus and made the bus wait during the transaction. Now where to hang...
This weekend we made waffles out of Bittman's How to Cook Everything.  They were ok, but turned out a little dense. Perhaps we didn't get those egg whites fully to "soft peaks." It's hard to whisk that much by hand! 
Nathan poses in a "eating waffle" tableau with the orange juice

Since my long string of performances finally ended Sunday, I was finally able to embark on Spring Cleaning: Round Two
Some stuff just needs organizing and this takes time, but I was rather proud of this transformation:
Under our sink is stuffed with plastic bags that I somehow accumulate even though I always take re-usable bags to the grocery. The evidence of my unabashed consumerism is on display right here under the sink and the general untidiness of this situation is unacceptable. SO...I remembered a little bag storage "sock" that Nono and Gdad have at the lake, and I made one!

All the bags are now contained in this festive tube with an elasticized hole at the bottom to allow pulling out one bag at a time, which is convient for kitty litter scoopin' time. Thus my plastic bags are hanging right above the cat box and is that is the inspiration for the colorful kitty fabric that was a scrap in my stash. I didn't take an "after" picture of underneath my sink, but trust me, it looks goooood.

That is the non-news from around here

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