Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ok, this is going to be a picture heavy/sparse text entry, because I have a cold and am exhausted, and this is pretty much all I can manage. Hopefully we will return to higher quality posts soon!

The Bankas visited this past week. Here are some pictures of what we did!
 We went to Ravenna park--linus is the little white blip under the bridge.

 We went to Pikes Place Market and took some pictures by the gum wall. Look closely--all those colorful dots are ABC gum--as in 'already been chewed.'

Linus insisted on taking a picture of the over-20 crowd.
Real mature guys...

We went to the underground tour in Pioneer square, where you get to go underneath the oldest part of the city. Really interesting facts combined with lots of jokes. So it was pretty entertaining. Turns out original seattle was built on a tidal plane, which created some plumbing issues to say the least, and so they ended up filling in up to the second story of the buildings.

We checked out the downtown Seattle public library, which is a pretty crazy building.

There was a street fair in the U district, with lots of local crafts and performers, including mirror suit man!

 On Sunday we went to brunch in the Space Needle!!! Very fancy shmancy. The restaurant rotated for some stunning views of the city and sound.

 Went to Target to get a waste paper basket.
 Here we are using the baskets to show the relative sizes of our heads.

For dinner, we went to Pies and Pints in the Roosevelt neighborhood. They specialize in savory pies and just about charmed our pants off. Great atmosphere and live music on Sundays and Wednesdays.

 The mac and cheese was kind of a under-seasoned despite it looking amazing. I added some salsa to the leftovers and microwaved it, which improved it a lot.

We had a great time with the Bankas. My performance went well, although I am still recovering.

This is the beautiful bruise on my hip-bone from performing, although it really isn't captured in the photo. Photographing bruises never captures all that great yellow and purple coloring! Oh well.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to San Francisco to perform. Khambatta dance company is going to guest perform with Scott Wells company at CounterPulse this Fri, Sat, and Sun. 

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