Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Year One: Check

Hey all I don't know if all of you remember what was going on about a year ago this past sunday--Nathan and I were getting hitched! We got a couple of nice notes and phone calls, and our dear friend Brianne (who made our beautiful cake) sent some commemorative sweets!

As you can imagine, we were delighted to have such an accurate representation of our cake in easy-to-travel form. The cookies taste AMAZING as well--what is that? Nutmeg? Cloves? It wasn't your regular old sugar cookie. I know I've mentioned her website before, but if you are in the Ann Arbor area, check out her website: http://www.beezybakes.com/ She's the sweetest!
Speaking of sweet, Nathan got this really awesome book for me for our "paper" anniversary (and you know I love paper...) called The Paper Architect. Combining my love of paper cutting and architecture, it gives templates to transform a single slip of paper into three dimensional architectural wonders from around the world. Unfortunately this is going to be a "post-move" project as I need to focus my creative powers on packing, and restrain my mess-making powers until we get settled in.
Our anniversary was not the most exciting...I had to work brunch after working 12 hours the day before, and then we got slammed because of the 12th Ave Festival, and our bartender got relayed to sell sandwiches at the stand outside, and our dishwasher got relayed to make said sandwiches, and so I was waiting, dishwashing, and bartending, and meanwhile I forgot to eat all day...so by the time I got home I was exhausted and starved, and we tried to go to Mars Bistro, but it was closed, but by then I was so desperate to eat that we just got ready-made chinese out of the buffet at the grocery store. After relaxing for a few hours we walked to Pies and Pints and got a late dinner and heard some live folk music, and that was about it for the day. 
Also in EXCITING NEWS. Nathan and I are now First Cousins Once Removed. Well, we were before, but now we're THE OLD KIND, by which I mean, our parents' have cousins, but now our cousins have children! Are you following, or am I gonna need to diagram this for you? Here is the important bit:
A big CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer and Cameron on their son Dawson!
Also, speaking of BABIES, Nathan and I recently got to meet our nephew Fletcher, and now we are best friends. Here is a super cute picture I took of him with Nathan over our vacation.

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  1. so many cute babies! and also, congrats!
    also-also, you apartment from the last post looks amazing!