Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day of Fun!

Well, it's Nathan's spring break, and he's off to visit friends in San Francisco! We've had a streak of sunny lovely weather, so we decided to spend the day together yesterday (actually, it's after midnight, so to be clear, Tuesday). First of all, we got brunch at Mars bistro, which is one of our favorites spots--we go there quite a lot. The service is a little incompetent, but so friendly, so it's hard to complain.
Nathan gets a grilled turkey, bacon, swiss most every time, and I always get something different. Yesterday I got a BLT, but last time we went I got french toast with blueberries and whipped cream. We usually bring a deck of cards and either play rummy or cribbage. Couldn't find the cribbage board this time, so we played rummy. I won. : )

Then I had been wanting to go explore the Greenlake area just north of us for forever, so we started walking that way, but found an abandoned futon frame by the side of the road, and carried that back home, which was fairly awkward. We assembled it, and it was only missing a couple screws, so after a quick trip to the hardware store we had a nice solid oak futon frame...with no futon cushion. Our mattress works pretty well on it, but then if we want to sleep, we have to move the mattress back into the bedroom.

So that was fun, but I still wanted to go to Green Lake, so we took a nice long walk on a non-direct path to Greenlake, an area comprised almost entirely of athletic businesses. There are like six running/biking/fitness stores. Then gyms, yoga studios, chiropractors, etc. Not to mention Exit Space where I rehearse for my dance performances.

Then we headed home to make dinner. Usually we get qdoba's on tuesdays, but we decided instead to make mexican at home: CARNITAS! If you missed this the first time I blogged about it here is the original posting, including the recipe:
However, it takes 3.5 hours of cooking that pork to perfection, so we did not eat until around 10pm. In the meantime we played Guillotine, which is a super fun card game in which you collect the heads of cartoon french nobles. Fun fun.
I also got a pie craving, so I ran out to Joe's and got us a pie. We also learned that apparently there is a Piecycle, that will deliver you home-made pies (you guessed it) ON A BIKE. But only on weekends, so we will have to check out that awesomeness another time.

In other news, I was performing in BOOST dance festival this past weekend, which went really well, except for me knees, who are super bruised : ( BUT if you are in Seattle, you have one more chance to see me dance in my skivvies and super-hero-mask make up.  Erickson theater in Cap Hill, Sat and Sun nights at 8pm!

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